Best Family Law Attorney in Florida

Modifying a custody order in Florida can be very difficult. Especially when you live out of state in Virginia. In working with Mr. Andrew Wheeler, my husband and I had someone who was experienced and knew how to help us in our custody case. Mr. Wheeler was very responsive to our needs and outlined the direction on how to proceed with our case. We provided all the information that was beneficial to Mr. Wheeler and he was able to get us the results we wanted. Mr. Wheeler was very honest from the beginning, my husband and I knew the results we wanted but Mr. Wheeler never sold us on that dream. He was realistic throughout the case. But he was able to bring the results we wanted into reality. With his work, dedication, and experience we were able to make our arguments stronger. I communicated a lot with the law office and Mr. Wheeler. They were always responsive to either my phone calls or emails.

Mr. Wheeler is very professional, passionate, friendly, and willing to listen to everything we had to say. He is extremely helpful and looks out for the best interests of his clients. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Wheeler and his law firm.

On a personal note: Thank you Andrew, from the bottom of our hearts for reuniting our family. Words can never express how grateful we are to you. You will always hold a special place in our family’s heart.